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Free Download Film Semi P.S. Girls (2016) Subtitle Indonesia - selamat siang sob kali ini admin Download Film akan membagikan sebuah Film Semi terbaru buat kalian semua. film ini merupaka Filem Terbaru 2016 yang baru saja dirilis beberapa waktu lalu oleh produser ternama, nama Film ini adalah P.S. Girls.

P.S. Girls 2016 sub indo

Informasi Movie
Title : P.S. Girls 2016
Director : Won Seok-ho (원석호)
Writer : -
Stars : Viki (비키), Kwon Min (권민), Lee Chang-yong-I (이창용), Ham Min-ji (함민지)
Genres : Drama | Romance | Erotic
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Release Date : 04 Pebruari 2016 (Korea)

Sinopsis Movie
Web cam, body cam, phone chatting…call me any time!  Eun-joo dreams of being a plastic surgery specialist while she works as a nurse. At night, she has a job as Nabi, having sex on the phone to come up with money for her dad’s medical bills. La Belle’s madam Big Mama pays her girls in advance and forces them to do sexual activities like body cams while she rips them off their money. At La Belle are Candy, Cherry, Eunmi and other girls with stories but have sex on the phone with men. Meanwhile, Joon-ho, Eun-joo’s hospital director starts showing interest in Eun-joo who looks like his dead wife and they develop a romantic relationship. However, Eun-joo doesn’t open up to him so he starts to feel disappointed. Joon-ho starts getting obssessed with her the more she pushes away from him until one day he sees her going to her night job. He watches her from afar. In-ik, a nurse at a cosmetic surgery clinic, finds out about Eun-joo and Joon-ho and gets jealous.

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